There are many games which do not have big rules to be followed. But golf is not any such game and even has a dress code that the player’s expected to follow. In this game, there are different types of players. Some are subtle yet strong, some dominating while some are really cool and battle all day in field. You cannot find similar type of players and hence cannot generalize on the attitude. If you know the basics of the game and follow the rules of the game to the tee, you will progress smoothly in the game.

For a person starting fresh, the game could be a tough master. It takes a while to master the game. Being an onlooker, you would have had a view that the game is easier. When you start holding your club and start taking those shorts, you would ideally know how much effort you need to put onto the game. The game needs an enormous amount of skill, concentration, expertise and composure. The game also requires you to be a gentle man; you can never turn unruly on the course and strictly follow the course rules and regulations.